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About our HCG Diet Experts in New Jersey

Dr. Boutros and his staff use this hormone frequently with great results. The HCG diet is a meal plan used to cause a rapid weight loss while avoiding hunger.
This diet is not only composed by several meal plans, instead, the caloric deficit is complemented by the application of medical HCG.

HCG is a hormone found in large concentrations in early pregnancy and, in fact, is used to detect pregnancy through blood tests.

HCG is also used frequently in many medical centers where fertility problems are treated.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet is a very low-calorie diet. That means it provides less than 800 calories per day and when it is correctly indicated and supervised by a medical doctor, may cause amazing metabolic changes that lead to an efficient weight loss.

What is HCG

You may wonder what is HCG hormone and what does HCG do? HCG hormone is responsible for allowing the continuity of pregnancy at the beginning of this period and in those persons with weight problems, it is a medical option that can bring many benefits.

It is common in some people, especially those with history of having tried various medical treatments and fad diets to lose weight; to have some difficulty to reach their ideal weight.
This is due to a metabolic change that occurs as an adaptation to low energy intake and low intake of nutrients.

After achieving a considerable weight loss, that weight lost is recovered, since it is impossible to maintain a low level of energy intake in the long term, without a proper supplementation.

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet prevents this process avoiding the metabolic adaptation to a low energy intake and stimulates fat burning. Thus, it avoids the recovery of the weight lost.

HCG for Weight Loss

The human chorionic gonadotropin diet was proposed in the mid-50s by British physician Albert Simeons in order to achieve weight loss in his patients. So, what is the HCG diet? It consisted of a plan providing 500 calories per day and supplemented with HCG injections.

It was at this time that HCG to lose weight was proposed.
HCG treatment for weight loss helps maintain stable metabolism and causes changes in the concentrations of other hormones like progesterone and estrogen, which also influence fat loss.

Because HCG prevents decrease in testosterone levels, so common in strict diets, muscle mass loss is minimized.

Following a HCG diet for weight loss brings enormous benefits:

– Allows fast weight reduction.
– Avoid stagnation of metabolism or weight plateau.
– Stimulates fat loss and increases muscle mass.
– Avoid binging and overeating because it prevents hunger signals.
– Promotes a favorable metabolic environment for maintaining weight loss.

HCG Injections

Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone can be administered through different routes. In the present days, it is applied not only in the form of injections but also as drops in many medical centers.

HCG hormone injections are administered directly under the skin or intramuscularly. After being applied, the HCG hormone accumulates in the hypothalamus where exerts its main functions it has to do with appetite suppression and fat mobilization to be oxidized. Apparently, abodminal area is the place where most fat oxidation occurs.

Are HCG injections safe?

By causing many metabolic changes, are HCG shots safe? While it is still not an officially method approved by the FDA, it is used safely in a lot of medical centers with excellent results. In order to achieve expected results, the HCG diet should be properly planned. It is generally divided into three stages:

Loading phase: human chorionic gonadotrophin is applied and followed by a diet composed of high-fat foods for 2 days.

Weight loss phase: It is the most important phase and is characterized by the application of HCG injections and a diet of 500 calories per day for about 4 weeks.

Maintenance phase: When HCG injections are disrupted and food intake is increased, but following a healthy pattern with low intake of starches and sugars.

What are HCG drops?

HCG drops is a less traditional method of application. If we consider the effectiveness, the drops do not provide the same benefits as injections.

While injections may be a method a bit more invasive, human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is applied directly into the abdomen, where will exert its main fat burning function. From there, the hormone is absorbed and enters into the blood stream to reach the brain.

Drops, however, are administered sublingually and do not reach the same concentrations as injections. As a result, they not have the same effectiveness.

HCG diet method is effective, safe and fast if trained medical team adequately monitors patient´s follow-up.

A Visual recap on HCG used to Aid Weight Loss in NJ