Expert Collagen Thread Lifts in NJ

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New Jersey Collagen Thread Lifts

Collagen thread lifts are emerging as an alternative to surgical face-lifts.

Collagen thread lift/Threading is also known as Silhouette lifts, happy lifts, suture lifts, thread lifts or lunch hour lifts.

Threading involves using threads made from suture material that is used routinely during surgeries to close the surgical site.

These threads are placed under the skin and can be adjusted to tighten skin and improve areas that have sagged due to aging.

Advantages of a Thread Lift vs. The Traditional Face Lift:

A Collagen Thread Lift is a simple procedure that usually a single sitting.

It avoids the hassles of a surgical face-lift like hospital stay and general anesthesia.

All the doctor will do is numb the area with a local anesthetic, and insert the collagen thread under the dermis layer of skin.

Results are visible almost instantly after the collagen threading, and improvement continues over next couple of months.

Uses of Collagen Thread Lifts:

  • Improvement of facial contours like the cheek and jaw line.
  • Improvement of tone in areas like breast, buttocks and upper arms.
  • Threading is very effective in lifting the brow line.
  • Correction of widely flared nostrils.
  • Reduction of nasolabial folds.
  • Improve shape of lips.
  • Collagen threads can help correct saggy neck skin.

How are Collagen Thread Lifts Done?

  • A tiny notch is made behind the ear or the hairline.
  • Fine threads are then passed along the predefined contours.
  • These threads have fine filaments that get fixed to the tissue, and are then gently smoothed down.
  • New collagen bundles start growing around each filament and this creates an effective lift.
  • The procedure of threading usually takes around an hour, but it depends on number of collagen threads the doctor intends to use and the area being treated.

Instructions for Patients After the Collagen Thread Lifting Procedure

  • Ice compresses can be used in the first 24-48 hours after the threading procedure to reduce swelling and discomfort.
  • Mild swelling and bruising is fairly common after a collagen thread lift, but symptoms usually subside within a week after the threading procedure.
  • Patients are instructed to avoid strenuous exercise 2-3 weeks after the collagen thread lifts.

Advantages of Collagen Threading

  • The primary advantage of collagen thread lifts is the quick recovery and excellent results.
  • The procedure of threading is minimally invasive and produces almost no scarring.
  • There is absolutely no necessity for general anesthesia. Collagen threading is performed under local anesthesia, and hence there is no need for hospital admission.
  • Affordability is another great aspect of collagen thread lifts.
  • The results are remarkable and long lasting.
  • Most collagen thread lifts are reversible if the patient is unhappy with the outcome.

Risks Involved with Collagen Thread Lifts

No surgical procedure can exclude risks, and the risks involved with threading depend on the expertise of the healthcare practitioner.

Collagen thread lifts can cause minor side effects such as bruising, swelling, infections, numbness and slight asymmetry.

Patients are advised to discuss the possibility of all side effects with the doctor before booking the procedure.

Overall, collagen thread lifts are a quick, effective and let’s not forget an affordable way to restore a youthful appearance. And all this, just over lunch!