Glutathione for Skin Whitening

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Professional Glutathione Skin Whitening Treatments in New Jersey

Who doesn’t like having fair and radiant skin? We all do, and to get that we try out so many different cosmetic agents like fairness creams, bleach, etc. But what if you could get a fairness treatment with the added benefit of overall health improvement? Yes, please! Well, Glutathione for Skin whitening therapy is the newest innovation in fairness treatments with added health benefits.

What is Glutathione for Skin Lightening Therapy?

Glutathione for Skin whitening technique uses Glutathione which is an anti-oxidant and has recently grown in popularity as an effective measure to reduce skin pigmentation with no harmful side effects. It is available as a topical cream or a skin whitening pill.

There is a lot of debate whether Glutathione for Skin whitening is effective. Several studies have been conducted with variable results some of which have shown improvement in skin tone.

Effects of Glutathione

Glutathione skin whitening supplement for example Acetyl Glutathione, L-Glutathione is known to improve not only the complexion but also give your skin that healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Owning to its anti-oxidant properties, it plays a vital role in detoxification and removing heavy metals and free radicals. These are usually responsible for cell damage and thus induce aging, skin pigmentation, etc. Age spots are also known to reduce or can be prevented by using Glutathione skin whitening supplements.

Intravenous Glutathione injections are also popular. However, there is no evidence for its efficacy. In fact, the FDA has issued a warning owing to its adverse reaction from Glutathione skin whitening IV injection.

How Glutathione Skin Whitening Works?

Glutathione inhibits an enzyme called Tyrosinase which is important in the production of melanin. So, as a result, melanin synthesis reduces leading to lighter skin tone.

Natural Dietary Sources of Glutathione

  • Tomatoes
  • Avocado
  • Oranges
  • Walnut
  • Asparagus
  • Whey Protein

Available Formulations of Glutathione for Skin Lightening

  • Oral form: Pills, solutions, Syrup and Sublingual tablets
  • Intravenous and intramuscular injections
  • Intranasal and intrabronchial
  • Topical: creams, faces washes
  • Glutathione Mesotherapy

How Glutathione injections for Skin whitening are Administered

The standard dose is usually 3500 mg, and this is mixed with the sterile saline solution and given as an IV injection over 10 – 20 min. When Glutathione skin whitening injection is given, some molecules are not absorbed due to their large size. This explains why a large dose of Glutathione is required to achieve the desired result. Treatment might have to be repeated since the effect is not very long lasting.

Common Areas Where Glutathione for Skin Whitening is Used

  • Reduction of dark circle
  • De-pigmentation of lips
  • Lightening armpits, elbows, and knees.
  • Reductions of skin blemish and dark spots.

Common Side-effects of Glutathione for Skin Lightening

  • Allergic reactions in the form of hives, redness, and itching.
  • Poor sterile precaution can lead to infection at the injection site.
  • Embolus formation can happen if the injection is given into a blood vessel accidently.
  • Rare side-effects like kidney failure and liver damage have also been reported.
  • People using injections more than three times a week might experience abdominal pain.
  • Long term use of these injections increases the risk of skin cancer.

So What is the Final Verdict on Glutathione Skin Whitening?

The oral and topical form are considered to be fairly safe and have demonstrated good results. However, you must always consult a qualified practitioner before using these.

Injectable Glutathione, though commonly used, has very questionable benefits and owing to the side effects, yet to receive necessary approvals. Please talk to a doctor before considering this treatment.