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Science of medical aesthetic is responsible for studying and developing methods and procedures that aim to improve the physical appearance and satisfaction that an individual perceives of himself.
Hormonal imbalance is associated with various medical conditions such as infertility, depression, loss of muscle strength, lack of concentration, among others.
The immune response protects the body against disease. Children are born with a natural immunity to the disease with the transmission of antibodies from mother to fetus through the placental barrier. This immunity is maintained during the period when children are breastfed.
Advanced integrative medicine encompasses conventional and natural medicine, to make available all possible instruments for healing for the patient. This is not to belittle the potential of natural medicine, accepting turn the enormous role that conventional medicine has had in improving the quality of life and survival of the population.
Due to the increased prevalence of abdominal obesity, today, it is common to find different therapeutic approaches. However, not everything that is offered as an alternative to lose weight is scientifically supported.
Weight loss medication is only indicated in patients with a BMI greater or equal than 30 kg / m2 or in patients weighing more than 27 kg / m2 and in presence of other pathologies associated like type II diabetes or dyslipidemia.
Primary care acts as the gatekeeper to all issues pertaining to your health. Primary care deals with all aspects of medical care related to diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues which are grouped together as chronic diseases, but also deals with cancer related conditions that can be optimized through diet, medications and tackled via an integrative approach.
Medical tests are an important part of a patient assessment. Medical tests allow to have a deeper knowledge of the health state of an individual. Medical lab tests have different purposes