Primary Care

Prevention Clinics

Primary care acts as the gatekeeper to all issues pertaining to your health. Primary care deals with all aspects of medical care related to diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues which are grouped together as chronic diseases, but also deals with cancer related conditions that can be optimized through diet, medications and tackled via an integrative approach. Without a primary care physician, navigation through the vast network of diseases and specialists can be a challenge and may lead to concentrated care rather than total care. 

Diabetes Mellitus

This disease deals with chronically elevated blood sugar above a number of 126 fasting. Now we also look at Pre-diabetes, which is a fasting sugar above 100. We know measure how well you are doing over a 3 month period by looking at HBA1c levels. This is a growing disease that has a direct relationship to the diet we ingest and the processed foods that have made it into our everyday lives. Except in cases where there is a type I diabetic patient , Type 2 Diabetes can be either cured or reduced with dietary modification. Diabetes Mellitus is part of the metabolic syndrome of diabetes, central obesity , high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All these have at least one thing in common and that is that they can be prevented.


This is another area of confusion that has led to a billion dollar industry for the pharmaceutical companies. There are mixed messages related to bringing down cholesterol, in addition to side effects related to medications, there is a growing consensus that we have to evaluate the studies closer and looking at the subtypes of LDL AKA “ Bad Cholesterol”. Cholesterol is essential in our body to make cell membranes and hormones. The lining of our nerve cells are made of fat. We must take each case and evaluate the need for cholesterol medications. Statins have been in the news lately for their side effects and we must have better ways to predict heart disease. One way is to look at the particle size of cholesterol as this is a better predictor. We must also look at sugar and processed foods causing the cholesterol that we have and need to be unstable and cause disease .


This is becoming an epidemic that is the domino effect of all other diseases of the body and also the mind. Eating healthy has to be a lifestyle and cannot depend on diets as this will only lead to failure with resumption of our normal habits. We must tackle obesity with knowledge and creative ways of adapting to our ever changing society of processed foods and the goliath corporations advertising repetitively until we are bulging with disease.


What is life without salt? Salt has some relationship to blood pressure elevations, but an increasing weight seen with higher Body mass index and low potassium intake can also be more commonly a predisposing factor for this preventable disease.